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Customs & traditions

Autumn Cattle Drive

Experience one of the most traditional celebrations in the Zillertal Valley

Back down into the valley

Once a year the village of Zell am Ziller plays host to an eye-catching custom which has been part of the valley's tradition for many centuries. At the end of the summer, which the cows spend grazing on the lush pastures high in the mountains, there is a ceremonial cattle drive to bring them back down into the valley for winter. In summers when there have been no accidents, the cows wear colourful headpieces made of flowers.

Here at the ZapfenHof we celebrate this special day in the farming calendar with culinary specialties from the Zillertal Valley and traditional live music. The cattle drive is also a great chance to meet the locals and talk to them about the history and culture of the valley, including its many customs and traditions.

Ancient Customs

The traditional autumn cattle drive is just one of many ancient customs in the Zillertal Valley still kept alive today. Don't forget to keep an eye out for celebrations and processions going on during your stay at the ZapfenHof.

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