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Where Does Cheese Come From?

Take a fascinating look behind the scenes at working farms

Visitors spending their holidays in the Tyrolean mountains shouldn't miss out on the chance to take a look behind the scenes at one of the farms in the Zillertal Valley producing everything from dried bacon and tangy mountain cheese to delicious schnapps. On guided tours, guests will find out more about local farming practices and the production process. A great day out for all the family!

Free guided tours

Mountain Dairies

With its lush pastures and traditional huts, the Zillertal Valley really is a picture postcard alpine landscape in the heart of the mountains. This outstanding natural beauty has been preserved for many centuries thanks to local farmers and their sustainable methods. Every day more than 250 farmers are hard at work in the Zillertal Valley looking after their cattle, which give the excellent milk needed to make top-quality dairy products. One such dairy farm is the Zillertaler Heumilch-Sennerei in Fügen, which is owned by a cooperative of local farmers.

Quality is always the number one priority when it comes to farming in the Zillertal Valley. That is why the local dairy farmers only use pure organic milk given by cows fed only on natural hay. No additives, no preservatives, no flavour enhancers. Just 100% Zillertal.

Free guided tours take place from Monday to Friday at 10:00 and 11:00.

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Where does cheese come from?

ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal

At the ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal children and adults can see how local farmers in the valley make cheese from milk given by cows fed only on natural hay. This type of cheese is one of the most popular in Tirol and uses no artificial additives or chemicals. Don't believe us? Come and see for yourself! At the end of the tour, guests have the chance to try some of the milk and yoghurt made on the farm.

Out on the sunny terrace there is plenty of space for children to run around and have fun. And no visit to a dairy farm would be complete without the opportunity to milk a cow!

Guided tours daily from 10:00 - 15:00.

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Where does milk come from?


At the SchauBauernhof working farm there is a film all about how cows are milked and why "hay milk" (the term for milk given by cows fed only on hay) is so special. Afterwards, visitors can head out into the farmyard and meet the friendly cows, sheep, chickens and goats. In the Bee House there is also a film on bees and honey-making – the SchauBauernhof is home to more than one million bees pollinating the flowers in the region.

As the guided tour of the SchauBauernhof slowly draws to a close, there is yet another highlight for children: the chance to jump, play and run around in the hay barn and drive a mini tractor. After all that action, why not take a little time out and browse some of the books available in the farm's bookcase.

The SchauBauernhof is open to visitors all year round.

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A culinary adventure

Zillertaler Speckstube

Holidays in Tyrol are a great a opportunity to discover the region's rich and diverse culinary tradition.

Every Friday between 15:00 and 18:00 we offer free guided tours of the Zillertaler Speckstube. Visitors are welcomed with a schnapps and snack of dried bacon.

After being shown around our production facilities, there is the chance to purchase traditional Zillertal dried bacon from our farm shop – a great souvenir to share with friends and family back home.

Private guided tours for groups (10 to 60 people) are also available on request. Please enquire for details.

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Schnaps distilleries in the Zillertal Valley

Try the Taste of Tyrol!

Embark on a journey into the fascinating world of schnapps distilling! Guests can learn how this centuries-old tradition has been developed, refined and re-invented through many generations.

Of the 4,000 schnapps distilleries in Tyrol, around 2,500 have been operating since the 18th century. The complex knowledge behind producing excellent schnapps is often passed down from one generation to the next, with each generation adding its own ideas and style. Every year 5 million kilogrammes of fruit are processed to make schnapps. Many distilleries from Tyrol have won international awards for their outstanding produce. Don't miss out on the chance to take a look behind the scenes.

Distilling in Tyrol

A Centuries-Old Tradition

Tyrol's distillers are experts at turning fine fruit into crystal-clear schnapps. Many distilleries in the region offer guided tours showing visitors the steps in the process from garden to glass. For a small fee the following distilleries will be happy to guide your through the production process, culminating in a tasting session.

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