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Hiking with children

FUNty's Hiking Pass

FUNty, the only elephant in the Alps, is the mascot of the Zillertal Arena and will accompany children as they explore the Zillertal Valley.

Families can pick up their FUNty's Hiking Pass and share their photos and experiences with him.

FUNty's Hiking Pass

Get Out and
 Start Exploring!

All guests staying in the Zillertal Valley receive a FUNty's Hiking Pass – their personal ticket to a world of action and adventure in the heart of the Alps. In fact, the region around the Zillertaler Alps is home to an incredible 55 mountains over 3000 metres in altitude! 

Beware! FUNty can appear anywhere and anytime – and there is a good chance that he will ask to take a grinning selfie with you! Keep your eyes peeled for any signs of a distinctive yellow elephant while out and about exploring the Alps.

children hiking Zillertal Valley

Highlights with FUNty's Hiking Pass

3 Great Reasons

  • There is no better place to learn about flora and fauna than the Tyrolean Alps.
  • You can impress your friends by showing them that you have climbed at least 20 mountains.
  • As a reward for all that hard work you will receive a great present from the local tourism board.
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Let's Go!

Stick a photo of yourself into your FUNty's Hiking Pass and use it to collect all your best and most memorable experiences in the Zillertal Valley. Hikers who collect 20 stamps can look forward to a great prize from the local tourism board. And the best thing of all is simply the chance to be out and about in the beautiful landscape, climb some of the best mountains, sample local food in traditional huts and maybe, if you are lucky, observe some of the wildlife native to our region.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you can be proud of yourself!

When in summer it's warm and dry,
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These costly items I leave at home,
and barefoot through the fields we roam. 

We will be back for you on 28 April 2022