ZapfenHof Alm in the Schwarzachtal Valley

Head for the Mountains

Nestling between the lush alpine meadows and tall craggy peaks of the Schwarzachtal Valley, the ZapfenHof Alm is a traditional wooden hut belonging to the Eberharter family.

Perched at around 1,400 metres above sea level, it is open in the summer months, when it doubles up as a home for the local dairy farmer who looks after his 35 cows grazing on the surrounding pastures.

Early-morning hiking experience

Hike + Breakfast

Hotel owner Hansjörg regularly organises his famous early-morning hikes that give guests the chance to experience the mountains just after sunrise before enjoying a hearty breakfast in the traditional ZapfenHof Alm hut at 1,400 metres above sea level. Highlights include local produce and regional dishes such as "Melchermuas" and "Kaiserschmarren".

Early-morning hiking experience

There is nothing quite like an early-morning hike followed by a heary breakfast in a traditional mountain hut, complete with local produce and delicious regional specialties.

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