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Since its creation in 1976 our farm has been expanded at regular intervals. Today it has modern facilities and is home to up to 50 cattle as well as many sheep, goats and chickens. The ZapfenHof has run its own butcher's since 1977/78 providing the team of chefs in our kitchen with the freshest and finest produce available.

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With live with, for and from our animals

Animals on the Farm

Visitors are very welcome to pay a visit to our farmyard. Children in particular enjoy stroking the cows and sheep and helping out with tasks such as milking and cleaning out the stables. Many children who live in cities have the chance to touch real farmyard animals for the first time. And there is nothing better than a big sloppy kiss from a cow!

Our son is a successful chicken breeder who looks after his feathered friends with great dedication. Proof, if any were needed, that the chickens on our farmyard feel at home can be found in the delicious fresh eggs which are collected every morning and served for breakfast at the Landgut ZapfenHof. After all, happy chickens lay tasty eggs!

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Regional produce of the finest quality

The Taste of Tyrol

Our cows supply the milk we need to make our own cheese, butter, cream, curd cheese and the famous Zillertaler Graukäse cheese. The meat we use in our restaurant also comes from our own farm. And we even make our own bread and pasta.

Over the years the ZapfenHof's farm has developed into one of the most modern farms in the Zellbergeben area. That is something to be proud of.

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Say cheese!

Cheese from the Zillertal Valley

Cheese can be pretty potent stuff. After all, here in the Zillertal Valley we have two cheeses which are called the "big stinker" and the "little stinker". That's the way nature created certain cheese varities – and that's the way we like them. Our "big" and "small stinker" come from our trusted Sennerei Zillertal where our milk is also processed.

The result is deliciously delicate cheese which is a treat for mind, body and soul.

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Hungry? How about a geneous slide of apple strudel with vanilla sauce or a hearty Kaiserschmarrn (chopped pancake with icing sugar) with a side serving of homemade cranberry compote? Here at the ZapfenHof we have our own patisserie serving a selection of sweet treats from around Austria and beyond.

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