own farm at the hotel in the zillertal valley

Fresh from the garden

Fresh. Organic. Homemade.

ZapfenHof hotel in the Zillertal Valley

Straight from our farm and vegetable garden to your plate! At the ZapfenHof we take pride in using only the finest ingredients from the local region – and what could be more local than our own farm?

Sustainable and organic farming practices are for us not only something we owe future generations but also an investment in quality. After all, many of our guests tell us that they can immediately taste the difference between our organic fruit and vegetables and the produce in supermarkets. Don't believe us? Visit the ZapfenHof and take the taste test!

Local produce

Fresh, Fresher, Homemade!

Here in Tirol, the farming year is dictated by the seasons. In spring our guests can look forward to cabbages and the first radishes of the season. Children staying with us are welcome to help pull up the radishes in our vegetable garden – and, of course, try one or two in the process!

In summer the garden here at the ZapfenHof is a sea of lush green, while the nearby orchard is red with apples. Other colours include the white of elderflower bushes, nasturtium in bloom and the spectacular flowers of the courgette plant. These and many more ingredients from our garden are used in our kitchen, with the wonderfully aromatic herbs in our herb garden providing the finishing touch. 

lavender garden Zapfenhof

Eat local!

We work closely with local producers in the Zillertal Valley to source as many ingredients as possible from the region. This enables us to avoid long transport chains and the high levels of CO2 they cause. And, on top of that, we keep the valley as beautiful as ever and support local farmers.

It really is a win-win situation for everyone.

Regional products

Fresh and Homemade

Our team of chefs are specialists in traditional Austrian and Tyrolean cuisine. However, they need top produce in order to create their delicious dishes. Doris will be happy to tell guests some of her secrets about growing herbs

The ultimate reward comes in the evening when you sit down to a sumptuous meal made using ingredients that you have picked and prepared yourself earlier in the day. Bon appétit!

herb garden Landgut Zapfenhof

Fresh from the garden to the plate!

In our restaurant we use plenty of vegetables and herbs from our own garden, while many meat and dairy products are sourced from our farm. Non-residents are also welcome.

Restaurant ZapfenHof
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