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Home-grown fruit, vegetables and herbs at the ZapfenHof

Vegetable and Herb Garden

Quality produce from our hotel garden

Sustainable and Regional

Why is high-quality regional produce so important to us at the ZapfenHof?

Because we are of the opinion that trees and plants, just like humans, only develop well if they are looked after with love and attention to detail. That is why our chefs use so much produce from our own vegetable and herb garden. Our nearby farm provides the ZapfenHof with milk, butter, cheese, meat and sausages, while the garden tended to with care by Ingrid supplies many important ingredients such as sage, lettuces and carrots.

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Fresh ideas

Have a Go Yourself!

All of the many plants there are labelled, so it is easy to see what is growing where. Spring, summer or autumn, we will be delighted to show visitors around our garden and share the fruits of our labour with them. 

Jams and elderflower cordial are just two of the many things we make ourselves using our own produce. And those who want to know how our team of chefs makes such delicious dishes can pay them a visit in the kitchen and pick up a few tricks and tips from the professionals.

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Organic chewing gum?

Want to know what organic chewing gum is? We'll give you a hint: both children and adults like it. Want to know more? Then visit us here at the ZapfenHof!

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Sustainability and respect for nature are very important to us. We want the future generations to reap the benefits of what we sow today – be it in the form of clean air, untouched landscape, healthy forests or a rich and diverse flora and fauna.

After all:

No snowflake in the avalanche ever feels responsible.
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, Polish aphorist

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